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July 21, 2018
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FOP 93 Endorses Chief John Mina for Sheriff of Orange County

Fraternal Order of Police – Lodge 93 and Fraternal Order of Police District 7 Endorses Chief John Mina for Sheriff

FOP 93 President, Jeff Stinson, says “Chief Mina is clearly the most qualified candidate and we endorse him to be the next Orange County Sheriff.”   

(ORLANDO, Fla.) – Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #93, President Jeff Stinson announced that Chief John Mina has been endorsed by FOP Lodge #93.  Chief Mina was selected after careful consideration by the FOP District 7 committee, a review of both candidate’s abilities and experience, and a Town Hall meeting.  Chief John Mina was selected because of his background, law enforcement experience, executive leadership, and his working relationship with the FOP.  President Stinson said, “It is no coincidence that Chief Mina was endorsed by all of the Mayors in Orange County, most large organizations, and political entities.  We all see the same qualities: experience, leadership, and a battle-tested candidate who can handle the demands of being the Orange County Sheriff.” 

Also, Fraternal Order of Police, District 7 (Central Florida), has jointly endorsed Chief John Mina in his bid to become the next Sheriff of Orange County (FL).  Chief John Mina has gained the endorsements of the three FOP lodges in Orange County: Lodge 93 – Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Lodge 25 – Orlando Police Department, and Lodge 86 – Orange County Corrections Department.    

Fraternal Order of Police - District 7 - represents 24 lodges in 10 counties in Florida.  The FOP Lodges included are those in the counties of Brevard, Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Sumter, and Volusia counties.  FOP Lodge 93 represents over 1,000 Deputies, Corporals, and Sergeants within the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.  This is the most coveted and largest endorsement by any law enforcement labor union in Central Florida.  FOP Lodge 93  and District 7 FOP Lodges are proud to endorse Chief John Mina and wish him success in the upcoming election.  

Contract Ratification Vote - New Collective Bargaining Agreement

UPDATE: The FOP and OCSO CBA was overwhelmingly approved by ratification vote and was signed by both parties.  We have a new contract from 2017-2019.  Thank you to all who voted and participated in the process.  The wage increases will be on the paycheck on October 13, 2017.

The Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #93 and the Orange County Sheriff's Office have reached an agreement on a new, two-year contract for 2017-19.  This new contract agreement includes the largest wage increases in the history of the Orange County Sheriff's Office.  

We will be voting on whether to ratify the contract on September 19th and 20th.  The voting locations are as follows:

  • Sector 1 from 1000-2000 hours
  • Sector 2 from 1000-2000 hours 
  • Sector 5 from 1000-2000 hours 
  • Courthouse from 0900-1700 hours
  • Central Operations Complex from 1000-2000 hours

If the contract is ratified, the wage increases would be effective on the first paycheck in October 2017.  Deputies and Court Security Deputies will vote on ratification on the contract as one bargaining unit.  Corporals and Sergeants will vote on ratification as one bargaining unit.  

We believe this contract is immensely better than the last contract.  We are hopeful that all bargaining unit members will vote YES and ratify this collective bargaining agreement.

Below are the highlights of the agreement, some articles were minor word changes and/or Present Contract Language only:  

Fraternal Order of Police / Orange County Sheriff's Office

2017-2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement Article Synopsis

Article 1          Recognition 

  • Added the Classification Court Security Deputy

Article 2          Gender Reference

  • Present Contract Language (PCL)

Article 3          Dues Check Off

  • Added Union Membership dues to the contract and increased dues to $20.00 Per Pay Period

Article 4          No Discrimination

  • Added language - Gender Identity

Article 5          Employee Representation and FOP Activities

  • Language clarifying the title FOP Representative
  • Increase 1/2 to 1 hour allocation for FOP presentation during BRC
  • Eliminated the restriction on how many bargaining unit members who can use Union Pool time

Article 6          Grievance Procedure

  • Present Contract Language (PCL)

Article 7          Internal Investigations

  • Language added that allows the subject of an investigation who asserts a conflict of interest with the Supervisor conducting the investigation a process for reassignment of the investigation.

Article 8          Layoffs and Recall

  • Present Contract Language (PCL)

Article 9          Promotions and Appointments

  • Elimination of the DFC rank/appointment for those who have not received the appointment prior to the effective date of this contract. Language allows for those who have received the appointment to maintain the appointment with no reduction in the current compensation.
  • Language will be governed by General Order allowing appointment to Master Deputy the month the member qualifies.
  • The Sergeant and Corporal promotional test cycle shall last no longer than sixty (60) days absent unforeseen circumstances.

Article 10        Grooming

  • Present Contract Language (PCL)

Article 11        Strike Prohibition and Work Requirements

  • Present Contract Language (PCL)

Article 12        Personnel Records

  • Present Contract Language (PCL)

Article 13        Compliance with General and Special Orders and Modifications

  • Present Contract Language (PCL)

Article 14        Performance Review

  • Written notice shall be given to an employee whose "Overall" performance is below standard at least 90 days prior to the end of the rating period.

Article 15        Seniority

  • Added Section Seniority and Classification Seniority. Language added that address when there is a tie in Section Seniority and Classification Seniority.

Article 16        Off Duty Employment

  • Off-Duty rate increase to $35.00.
  • Approved single off-duty jobs no more than four (4) hours (was two (2) hours) in length by be worked by bargaining unit members prior to the start time of their regularly assigned duties or during the middle of their shift, with prior approval from their supervisor.
  • Holiday pay will be at least ten dollars ($10.00) more than the minimum established rate for the job.

Article 17        Agency Issued Vehicles

  • Present Contract Language (PCL)

Article 18        Leave, Workers Compensation, Disability & Personnel Issues Grievance


  • Maintained all Holidays in current contract, with change of dates.
  • Language change for "well" baby - In the case where both parents are bargaining unit members, both may take sick leave to care for a "well" baby. If desired, each may share the responsibility, however they shall receive no more than six (6) weeks per member.

Article 19        Equipment, Uniform and Clothing Allowances Loss/Damage to personnel Property

  • Names of squads and units revised to their current titles and elimination of squads and units that no longer exist.

Article 20        Educational Assistance and Training

  • Present Contract Language (PCL)

Article 21        Acting Ranks

  • Present Contract Language (PCL)

Article 22        Transfer or Change in Assignment

  • Revised names of units and elimination of units that no longer exist.
  • Added language that was approved previously by bargaining unit members concerning the FTO and FTEP Programs (language that was previously included in an MOU regarding the FTEP/FTO Program).

Article 23        Workday, Workweek and Overtime

  • Present Contract Language

Article 24        Court Appearance, On-Call and Re-Call

  • Present Contract Language (PCL)

Article 25        Wages

  • Significant Wage Increases - See Charts

Article 26        Equipment and Service Awards

  • Present Contract language (PCL)

Article 27        Insurance Benefits

  • Significant Improvements - Union will have participation on all RFP (Bid) processes.
  • The Union will receive monthly up dates on the funding status of the insurance program.
  • The Union will have input on plan design and insurance coverage.

Article 28        Longevity Pay, Specialty Pay, Assignment Pay, and Shift Differential

  • Dive Team Specialty Pay Increase.
  • Included FTO Specialty Pay as previously agreed to by bargaining unit members.
  • Added Specialty Pay for TOPS unit.
  •  Increase to longevity pay for those reaching 10, 12, 14, and 16 years of service.

Article 29        Drug Testing

  • Present Contract Language (PCL)

Article 30        Management Rights

  • Present Contract Language (PCL)

Article 31        Entire Agreement

  • Present Contract Language (PCL)

Article 32        Savings Clause

  • Present Contract Language (PCL)

Article 33        Duration

  • Date Changes
Orange County Sheriff's Office - Memorial Page

NORMAN C. LEWIS - End of Watch January 9, 2017

JONATHAN SCOTT PINE - End of Watch February 11, 2014

MICHAEL ERICKSON - End of Watch March 16, 2011

SEBASTIAN DIANA - End of Watch March 12, 2011

BRANDON L. COATES - End of Watch December 8, 2010

CRAIG A. HEBER - End of Watch July 21, 2010

MARK LINDSEY PARKER - End of Watch March 19, 2009

MICHAEL ANTHONY CALLIN - End of Watch August 2, 2006

MARIANO LEMUS JR. - End of Watch May 6, 2005

JAMES MARCUS WEAVER - End of Watch November 24, 2003

JOHN HAROLD HOLLOMON - End of Watch December 15, 1998

GRADY TERRILL BRADDOCK - End of Watch May 27, 1998

JOHN JOSEPH CREEGAN - End of Watch May 29, 1996

HARRY JORDAN DALTON JR. - End of Watch March 25, 1991

THOMAS ALLEN INGRAM - End of Watch May 12, 1990

FRANK NELSON SETON - End of Watch January 4, 1989

ARNOLD WILLIAM WILKERSON - End of Watch January 10, 1984

SAMUEL PARKER JR. - End of Watch January 23, 1974

BOBBY L. CORLEY SR. - End of Watch August 8, 1965

SHERIFF DAVID W. L. MIZELL - End of Watch February 21, 1870

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